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This is where you can do a little recollectin’ of the folks you met and things so far.

Lay of the Land

Alder Creek
Ghost Trail


Year Unestablished – Jeremiah Adams Starts ta Bawlin’
Year Unestablished – Hezekiah Adams Burns the Mayor’s House
Year Unestablished – Henharp Ranch attacked, baby Jeremiah Adams presumably killed.
1861 – Confederate States of America formed
1868 – The Great Earthquake
October 31, 1878 – Reign o’ the Crow Begins
Sept 2, 1879 – Killin’ the Crow
Sept 20 – Death o’ Sally, Battle o’ Alder Creek
Sept 26, 1879 – Battle o’ Boonesville
Sept 27, 1879 – Arrival of Unnamed Gunslinger CARTER BURWELL
Sept 29, 1879 – Chupacabara
Oct 1, 1879 – Night Foxes attack and destroy shanty town up the creek
Oct 3, 1879 – Sheriff Marcus and Deputy Garrett McEwan lead a company to Scully to a missing stagecoach bound for Alder Creek.


In Alder Creek:
Ezekiel Gates, RIP – Ezekiel put himself in charge of a sort of mob rule while the town was being terrorized by the Crow God. Ezekiel died in the battle that liberated the town.

Leonard Bolton – One of the few remaining town leaders, Bolton is old enough to know a thing or two, but not yet past his prime. He runs the tannery, telegraph, and Pony Express, and is in charge of overseeing the town’s finances until such time as a mayor can be elected.

Old Seth – Seth is a roustabout—a general practitioner. He is capable of attempting most anything, though his one clear talent seems to be the ability to stay in one place for staggering amounts of time.

Wesley Harper – Town gossip.

Sarah Leifson, RIP – Little Sarah Leifson died of the Gnawing Hunger, an ailment that approximated starvation, though the patient would continually eat. Her parents still live in Alder Creek.

Eustice – A feller around town. He seems to be involved with the horseshoeing business.

Rosie Starr – Rosie runs the Saloon, as far as anyone can tell, and is organizing a dance for the town, to give them something to think about, other than the strange happenings of the past few years.

Ben Tsosie – A friend of Garret McEwan’s, Ben is a Navajo Indian who seems to have some healing abilities. Ben’s arrow felled a nasty creature who walked in the skin of the former Ms. Bertrand before it could endanger the lives of Mr. Bertrand and his son Bo.

Stevie Portridge – An african-american woman, Stevie gained a reputation as a gunslinger in towns throughout Arizona and Southern California. Because of the rarity of female gunfighters, many mis-heard the tales of her deeds as the tales of STEVE Portridge. She currently lives in a tent village up creek from Alder Creek.

Jeb Portridge – Stevie’s husband, Jeb suffers from a coughing, wasting disease resembling consumption. There seems to be no cure. He is being cared for at the parsonage in Alder Creek.

Jonathan Barker – A banker from Boston, recently arrived in town to re-open the Alder Creek Bank.

Girl cleaning Preacher’s House

Hezekiah Adams – Everyone calls him Old Kiah. Hezekiah has lived in and around Alder Creek for many years, first as the town preacher, later as an exile, and today as a sort of hermit judge and healer. Depending on whom you ask and in what company, the town regards him with equal measures fear, respect, pity, and disgust.

Jeremiah Adams – Hezekiah’s son, Jeremiah Adams was presumed dead by him some years ago. The circumstances of Jeremiah’s childhood are currently unknown. He recently resurfaced as a traveling salesman, selling goods of great quality for a mere pittance. At least one of the goods contained a great and terrible magic, starving people to feed others. Those who died of the starvation returned as Gnawing Hungers—horrible, insatiable walking dead. After a battle in Boonesville, Jeremiah Adams was banished, but signs indicate that he may not be destroyed.

Clifton Bertrand – Owner of a small pig farm west of Alder Creek that was recently set upon by something people are calling Chupacabara. His wife was murdered in the attack. He and his son, Bo, are currently staying in town.

Bo Bertrand – Clifton’s 9 year old son, who is a pretty good shot.

Clara Bertrand, RIP – Clifton’s wife, dead from a horrendous attack. Buried on unhallowed ground, Clara’s form walked into town one night after her death and vowed revenge on a Mr. Glover. After the creature wearing Clara’s form was defeated, Ben Tsosi declared it to be a Sin Eater, which devours the souls and memories of its victims as it takes on their shape.

At Henharp Ranch
Clarissa Henharp – A former schoolteacher and wife to Angus Henharp, who started the Henharp ranch years ago. The ranch is a sprawling, able, self-sufficient concern, still operating today, though Clarissa is well into her twilight years and Angus has been dead for a long while. Clarissa has always been a devout Christian woman, and she has looked after Reverend Hezekiah Adams more than once. She was his first parishoner. She brought his son Jeremiah back to her ranch after Hezekiah tried to hang himself.

Kayla Henharp – A descendant of Clarissa Henharp who lives on the Henharp Ranch, Kayla looks to be about 25 years old.

Miss Gurdy, RIP – The longtime nanny at the Henharp ranch. It is said that Miss Gurdy raised Jeremiah Adams, and cured him of his crying problem.

Lissa Johnson – A pretty young creole woman who now lives in Miss Gurdy’s old house on the Henharp Ranch.

In Scully
Clive the Postmaster
Fred the Preacher
Merle and Rose Jenkins
Clement Parmalee

In Boonesville
Reverend Harper
Jenny Garret
James Garret

Garret and marcus
Garret and Marcus during the war in 1872 (above) and in current time (below)

Garret John McEwan, age 33, October 1879

Ben tsosie
Ben Tsosie, age unknown, October 1879

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