Old Seth

Tough Old Coot


“Old Seth” Harkness
Deputy Sheriff of Alder Creek

Agility d6
Smarts d6
Spirit d12
Strength d6
Vigor d12+2

Pace 4
Parry 7
Toughness 9
Grit 3
Charisma +1

Fighting d10
Gambling d8
Guts d12 +3
Intimidation d12
Notice d12
Persuasion d8
Riding d6
Shooting d10
Stealth d10
Survival d10
Roping d8

Brass knuckles Str+d4
EL CHEAPO Scattergun 6/12/24, 1-3d6, +2 shooting, +2AP

Heavy sleeper

Hard to Kill (ignore wound penalties for vigor save from critical injury)
Fate’s Favor (treat one chip as a blue)
Great Luck (+2 bennies)
Nerves of Steel (ignore 1 wound)

Load Limit: 30 lbs
Money: ??
Chewing Tobacco
Brass knuckles Str+d4
EL CHEAPO Scattergun 6/12/24, 1-3d6, +2 shooting, +2AP
Clovis the Mule


64 years old • 5’10" • 170 lbs
A solidly-built man with a broad chest. Seth is weather-tanned and dark complected, with a full head of iron-grey hair, worn slicked back. He has a neatly-trimmed full beard and mustache, just as grizzled. His eyes are dark brown and his skin a pale bronze like his Mexican mother’s. He was a looker in his youth, and he’s aged well, but he’s unmistakably past his prime.

They pick at him a lot, but, come down to it, everybody likes and respects Old Seth. People new in town see his laziness as that of a good-for-nothing, but those who know him see it as the laziness of a lion at rest: nothing to prove to anyone.

They respect him so much because he’s seen and survived a lot, through sheer luck and grit. He’s helpful to a fault. If someone asks him to do something, he’ll try to do it. He may not succeed, but he’ll likely survive. Plain and simple: he’s a tough old coot.

He’s very easygoing, but likes peace and quiet. So he don’t cotton to no fightin’, ruckus-raisin’, or general disturbin’ of the peace, whether it be from quarrelsome ranch-hands, uppity Injuns, or them that refuse to remain good and planted. Don’t make much difference to him which is which, he’ll deal with them as best he can, and as the law best allows.

He don’t care to jawbone too much about this or that. If there’s some debate about what to do, he’ll just wait ‘til them more prone to that kind of talk get it situated, then do what ask, long as it seems like it won’t hurt him or the townsfolk too much.

Old Seth

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