There’s a New Sheriff in Town.

He didn’t ask for it. In fact, he was half-inclined to high-tail it out of Alder Creek when the town elders came callin’, Sheriff’s badge in hand. But a soft bed and a runnin’ tab at the Saloon sounded like a pretty good deal to Marcus. For now, anyway.
Recent troubles of the uncanny sort had left the town plum out of able folk, so Marcus deputized his old buddy Garret—it was nice to see his old Lieutenant from the War taking the orders, for a change, instead of giving ‘em—then begged or threatened for what help he could get from an odd collection of outsiders: Garret’s Injun friend, Ben, of unknown provenance; the good “Doctor” Knuckles, recently arrived with a wagonload of wonder tonic; the young buck, Carter Burwell, come to town to learn gunslingin’ and make a name for himself; other half-crazy sometime allies and hangers-on.
Can a half-drunk old soldier and his collection of grizzled and harried fools return civil ways to one small town as the rest of the world slouches to its end? Probably not, but they’ll succeed or die trying.
Or both.

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Of Gog and Magog

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