Carter Burwell

Thin young white man with a Stetson, a duster, and a revolver on each hip


Carter Burwell

Attributes (5 points, plus 2 from Hindrances, plus 2 advances):
Agility d10 (3 points)
Smarts d4
Spirit d8 (1 point, 1 advance) [+2 to recover from Shaken]
Strength d4
Vigor d12 (3 points, 1 advance)

Skills (15 points, plus 2 extra for Guts):
Fighting d6 (2 points)
Guts d6 (2 points) [+2 for Grit]
Intimidation d8 (4 points)
Notice d4 (1 point)
Riding d6 (2 points)
Shooting d12 (6 points)

Other Traits:
Charisma: +0
Pace: 6"
Parry: 5
Toughness: 8
Grit: 2
Load Limit: 20 lbs
Money: $3
SA shots left: 6
DA shots left: 6

Hindrances (for 2 extra Attribute points):
Arrogant (Major): Constantly seeks to demonstrate that he is the best gunslinger around
Quirk (Minor): Always tries to shoot the shootin’ hand(s) of gunslingers he faces down
Wanted (Minor): $350 reward for him in Wichita for shooting first in a duel (and ruining both of the man’s arms but not killing him)

Edges (3 from advances):
Ambidextrous: Ignore – 2 penalty for using off-hand
Two-Fisted: Ignore – 2 penalty for attacking with two weapons in same round
Quick Draw: Ignore – 2 penalty for drawing and shooting in same round
Marksman: If no movement in a turn, fire as if using the Aim maneuver (+ 2 to Shooting v. target of aiming for one round, SWEX p. 65)
Hip-shooting: only – 2 when fanning the hammer
Combat Reflexes: + 2 to Spirit to recover from being Shaken

[NOTE: To draw both guns and fire in the same round, I make an Agility roll at + 2 (SWEX p. 63) but can then fire both with no penalties.]
[Double tap (SWEX p. 42): fire two rounds to add + 1 to Shooting and damage.]
[Fan hammer (DLPG p. 60): fire up to 6 shots in a single action, with a – 2 to each—but a 1 or 2 on Shooting die invokes Innocent Bystander (SWEX p. 69).]

Advances (current xp 35):
5xp: Two-Fisted
10xp: Quick Draw
15xp: Vigor d10 → d12
20xp: Marksman
25xp: Hip-shooting
30xp: Spirit d6 → d8
35xp: Combat Reflexes

Future Advances:
40xp: Hard to Kill: ignore wound modifiers for Vigor rolls due to Incapacitation
45xp: Steady Hands: Ignore – 2 penalty for shooting from moving platform (e.g., horse, wagon, train)
50xp: Speed Load: reload one weapon and shoot in the same turn without – 2 MAP
55xp: Spirit d8 → d10
60xp: Improved Hip-shooting (Heroic): no penalty for fanning the hammer

Gear ($244, 10 lbs for belt/ammo/holsters/guns, plus 41.5 lbs for saddle/boot/rifle):
Gun Belt ($2, 1 lb)
Colt Ammo (26 shots, $3, 3 lbs)
Holster x 2 ($6 for both, 2 lbs for both)
Colt Peacemaker .45 × 2 (one double-action, one single-) (12/24/48, 2d6+1, RoF 1, $30 for both, 4 lbs for both, 6 shots each) [SA is Stevie’s]
Horse ($150)
Saddle ($25, 30 lbs)
Clothing ($28)
Longjohns $2
Boots $8
Trousers $2
Work shirt $1
Duster $10
Stetson $5


Carter was born in 1860 in Wichita and grew up there. He’s heard stories of famous gunslingers (good and bad) all his life, and he’s decided to become one. Specifically, he aims to become the best one who’s ever lived (and eventually the most famous). He had to leave Wichita in a hurry because he shot first in a duel. Luckily, he didn’t kill the other man: instead, he had shot both of the man’s forearms before the poor sod could even draw his guns. (That is Carter’s version of counting coup on an enemy.)

Carter Burwell

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